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5 Advantages of Working with an External Operations Partner

Market Research is a fascinating field. It attracts those who are intellectually curious and passionate about providing meaningful insights that have a major impact. However, the process for completing a market research project can be time consuming – programming a survey, implementing quality checks, coding open ends, the rigor involved in sample acquisition, managing partnerships,…
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How to Effectively Measure Data Quality in Quantitative Market Research

Quantitative market research aims to identify standardized facts and statistics that can reliably guide business decisions. But no matter how well data is analyzed, if it’s not accurate or complete findings based on it are flimsy at best.  Think of it like baking a cake – if you use poor ingredients or measure incorrectly, the…
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Top 6 Advanced Analytics Techniques to Start Today

Advanced analytics techniques are utilized by businesses to examine raw data and use that information to optimize operations, make data-driven decisions, and create valuable company insights. With more data being collected every day, many companies need more than traditional business intelligence(BI) tools.

The Importance of Data Collection in Strategic Decision Making

You may have heard that when it comes to strategic decision-making, data collection is the backbone of success. But why is data-driven decision-making so critical? The reason companies collect and analyze data is to help them understand what customers want, specific services and products they’re interested in, and how they like to interact with a…
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Evaluating and Ensuring Survey Respondent Quality

A survey is only as good as the answers it receives and participants who lose interest or give poor answers can skew data and make a survey unreliable. So, how do you ensure you’re getting reliable data on the individual level? The answer differs across methodologies, but with online research, it’s important to be aware…
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